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Think about it for a second. In a world where information overload is the rule, not the exception, we men are bombarded with grooming, beauty, fashion and lifestyle advice that is many, times, plain wrong. Magazines, TV programs, music, commercials, bar talk and, of course, the Internet are sources of constant misinformation and confusion when it comes to being a real man.

Decades ago, every town, no matter its size, had its own barbershop that acted as a social hub and meeting point for males. Men would visit the barbershop to not only get a neat haircut, get their hair styled for important events, get a clean and perfect shave, get their shoes shined or go for any other male grooming service but men would also go to socialize, chat and give each other advice and tips.

With the Barbershop Forums, we aim to bring you the Internet’s very-first own barbershop. Here, we have everything you need to be a better, modern 21st-century male, all while enjoying the ancient art of socializing and camaraderie, although we do it this time virtually.

Our barbershop is open the 24 hours of the day, and you’re welcome any time; so come on in and join our barbershop!

An old barbershop designed for men's hairstyles, haircuts, shaving and male grooming