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Author Topic: Mens Hair Products Guide: Styling Products - Gel, Pomade, Wax etc  (Read 4232 times)


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Have you ever wondered what men's hair styling product does what and how to use them? Then read our guide below to get a quick-yet-useful glimpse on the different men's hairs styling product types that are currently available.

There are many different types of men's hair styling products and brands on the market, and they all vary in holding strength, shine level, texture produced, smell, and price. While it can be a bit pricey, one of the ways to find the best hair styling product for you is to try every type available, so I've written below a quick-yet-useful guide on the different types of hair styling products, and hopefully these guide will help you in finding the one mens hair styling product that best fits your preference.

Hair Wax
Wax has a dry-yet-oily feel. It leaves your hair with a strong hold, low to medium shine, and high texture. Guys ask me all the time about the best hair wax that they can buy, when they don't realize that there is just about a hair wax for each of the different mens hairstyles, so trying to narrow down your purchase to a single all-round best hair wax is close to impossible. Your best bet is to use a multi-purposed hair wax like THIS one here .

Hair wax is sometimes used as a scalp-specific styling product and as is thus applied to just the roots and tips of the head or just to specific sections of the scalp instead of applying the wax to the whole scalp. It may be difficult to wash the wax out of your hair. A celebrity male who is known for his frequent use of hair wax is David Beckham.

Hair Gel
Hair gel is one of the most-popular mens hair product types that are currently available and they are sold in soft bottles and containers (for the most part). The hold of hair gel varies from light to very strong, and the use of gel will recreate a wet, sleek, and shiny look to hair. Hair gel can be used for just about any male hairstyle and on any type of male hair from thin and straight hair to thick and curly hair.

A great all-round hair gel for men is THIS one here .

Styling Mousse
Mousse or styling foam is contained in a can under pressure. When released, the mousse comes out in a foamy texture. Hair mousse produces a light hold adding a good amount of extra volume and thickness to your hair. For those men with medium to long hair, hair mousse is a great hair styling product.

For an excellent hair mousse, check THIS one out .

Hair Paste
Paste is a weaker form of wax. The hold is light to medium and hair paste leaves your hair with a medium amount of shine and high amounts of texture giving your mane a "messy" look. Hair paste also gives you the ability to change your hair style through out the day.

For a great hair paste, go with THIS one here .

Hair Fiber
Hair fiber provides a thick and dry feel, and it will leave your hair with a very-low amount of shine and with a highly-textured look; thus, hair fiber is also great for a messy and "out of the bed" look. Just like with hair paste, you have the flexibility to change your hair style throughout the day with hair fiber too.

Get THIS hair fiber for a great hair fiber product that allows you to change your hairstyle throughout the day.

Pomade is similar to wax but adds more shine to the finished texture. Hair pomade has a pasty/glue texture look and it leaves your hair with a very-high shine and a medium hold while keeping a natural look. Pomade may also be difficult to wash out of your hair. A celebrity male who is known for his frequent use of hair pomade is Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody in the the TV show Boardwalk Empire.

For an all-round pomade that has a strong hold and is easy to clean, go with THIS pomade .

Hair Spray
Hair spray is used to hold a hair style in place. It is usually sprayed on after your hair is styled with any of the previous men's hair styling products in this guide. Hair spray comes in different types of holds from light hold to strong hold, and hair spray is best used if you want to keep your hairstyle intact and just as you styled it in the morning!

Go with THIS hair spray for a hair spray that will provide a smooth and natural texture with a super strong hold.

Hairstyling cream
A hairstyling cream is used to define and shape wavy hair and curly hair. A hairstyling cream will give gloss to your hair and tame any frizz and flyaway hairs. The hold of hairstyling creams is light to medium, hence, if you want a stronger hold, choose either a gel, wax or pomade. However, for natural curls or waves, a hairstyling cream is the best hair product to buy. If you have long hair, do also get a hairstyling cream for free-flowing dangling locks (regardless of your hair being straight, wavy or curly).

An excellent hairstyling cream that we recommend and that will enhance any hairstyle that you style is THIS hairstyling cream .

This guide on men's hair styling products should be used as your first step in selecting the product or products that you want to try. From there onwards, look at the label of the specific branded product and read its recommended uses for a more customized hair-styling experience. Happy shopping and styling!

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Great mens hair products guide
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2014, 08:20:35 AM »
Great hair products guide! Excellent choice of hair products too, so what I will do is sticky this thread for forum members and newbies to keep as reference. As a barber, I do find that there s a lot of confusion with hair styling products for men, so these kind of ad hoc guides provide a lot of benefit.

Thanks again, UFC_Fight! Can't add anything else myself, although I can also answer any questions any of you have with regards to mens styling products! :D


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