Barbershop Forums was started as a means to provide men with a meeting place and online community to talk about men’s stuff just as if they were in a physical barbershop. With Barbershop Forums we want to pay tribute to the barbershop and its impact in the socializing of men worldwide for more than a century. The topics covered by our community at the Barbershop Forums are too many to be listed but do all share the trait of being of interest to men; and of course, male grooming from men’s haircuts to the art of shaving to men’s skin care will be topics that are discussed more than once!

At Barbershop Forums we take great pride in being the first online community of such nature and in pioneering the online barbershop experience. You are very welcome to join our community and take part in a site that is like no other on the internet. And our barbershop is open 24/7!